5 Things Men Should Do Before Infertility Treatment

Support your partner

1. Manage any Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is different from infertility. Sexual dysfunction in men refers to inadequate penile erection to complete sexual activity satisfactorily either masturbation, oral sex or vaginal.

And this erectile dysfunction could be the fundamental cause of infertility. As we dispelled the myth that impotence and infertility are one and the same, it is however important to note that sexual dysfunction definitely implies infertility. Erectile dysfunction could be caused by several factors such as disease or other lifestyle factors. Diabetes, atherosclerosis, spinal cord injury and prostate gland surgery could cause dysfunction. Lifestyle factors such as alcoholism or smoking and psychological causes including inter personal relationship conflicts, stress & anxiety, depression and sexual boredom could also be contributing factors.

It is important to first understand why sexual dysfunction has happened in order to be able to fix it. Treatment includes oral medications like sildenafil / injectables, mechanical aids like vibrator, hormonal replacements &/or psychological therapy with counseling.

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2. Get a Semen Analysis

Sperm quality is exceptionally important to understand the main cause of infertility. Like we have mentioned several times before, cause of infertility is not just restricted to the female partner, but the male partner is equally responsible for this. Low sperm count or quality is found to be the only cause of infertility in about 20% of couples, and is a contributory factor in a further 25% of couples. Semen analysis is the first test ordered in the management of male infertility. In this preliminary assessment, physical characteristics of the ejaculate such as volume, pH, time taken to liquefy and levels of fructose are tested. Microscopic examination of the semen helps understand sperm motility, size & shape, and concentration of the white blood cells.

3. Manage your Lifestyle

Stress Management

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Lifestyle-based infertility is quite common in both male and female partners. So, before taking up any treatment for infertility, it is important that you completely stop smoking (or chewing tobacco) and limit the alcohol intake. Also, stress is proven to affect fertility. So, if work or your personal life is cause of stress, you might have to re-look at your lifestyle and make necessary changes.

4. Understand the Treatment Options

Individual Attention from Doctor

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Infertility does not just offer you one course of treatment. There always a second option. So, before you begin treatment for infertility, it is essential that you completely understand the process of treatment along with potential outcomes. Be sure that you are completely convinced of the option offered before taking it up.

5. Support your Partner

Support your partner

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Infertility treatments are pretty stressful for the female partner. There is a lot of physical, emotional and hormonal changes owing to the injections & medications. So, while you might not completely understand what she is going through, you NEED to be available for her during this tough period to ensure her well being and success of treatment.